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If you are in business and have never considered using a virtual office perhaps you should. There are many advantages to using this kind of office. They are suitable for use by all sorts of companies and are one of the most flexible ways of running an office facility.

Why a Virtual Office Could be the Answer for Your Firm

A virtual office offers you most of the facilities that a regular office does without many of the usual overheads. You get an address, which you can use for customers to contact you and to receive other kinds of post. Included in the package is an exclusive telephone number with someone at the end of the phone to answer that number using your business name. The person answering the phone can either forward calls to you there and then or take a message for you.
Any mail that you receive can be sent on to you or opened, scanned and sent to you via e-mail. Faxes can be dealt with in the same ways.

If you want to hold a meeting or demonstration, a room can be booked for the day or a few hours. Hot desking is also available in some locations, so if you need a few hours to sit down and get some work done in a quite environment that is possible.

Finding a Good Virtual Office Service

It is important to find a well-established company to provide you with your virtual office. You need a firm that has enough experience to provide an efficient and professional service. The last thing you need is a firm that is here today and gone tomorrow or does not open and forward your mail to e-mail reliably as agreed or present a professional face to your customers.
Look for a virtual office provider who offers the full range of services. Bear in mind just because you do not need meeting rooms or a hot desk today does not mean that you will not need these facilities in the future. Your business will grow and you will need more facilities when that happens, so look for a virtual office that provides the full range of facilities.

The Cluster offers a fantastic virtual office service. We are located a few minutes walk from Southern Cross train station in Melbourne.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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