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More and more people are waking up to the benefits of investing with Global Wine Investments. Despite only being established in 2007 this City of London fine wine broker has already built up a significant business. By 2011, they had invested £4 million worth of their clients money invested in wine. Mostly, in First Growths, En Primer and fine wines from Bordeaux.

Why Global Wine Investments Was Set Up

Prior to setting up Global Wine Investments, the founder has spent 30 years working in the City dealing with investments on the traditional markets. They realised that making money on these markets was more difficult than it once was and wanted to offer their clients a better alternative. Very quickly, they realised that wine was the answer.
In the past five years, well-balanced fine wine investment portfolios have consistently returned profits of 25%. Whilst the market, like any other market, fluctuates there is no reason not to expect the wine market to continue to perform well. For nearly three decades, the wine market has outperformed most other indices. At times, it has outperformed gold and oil. Given this level of performance, it was clear to the company's founders that investing in wine was a great way of diversifying their clients' investment portfolios.

Investing in Wine with Global Wine Investments

The founders of the firm wanted to make it easy for their clients to invest in wine. As a result, they came up with a business model that literally took care of everything. If they want to investors, can simply pay for their wine and leave the choice of wine bought to the experienced team at Global Wine Investments. There is also no need for them to accept delivery of the wine and store it until it is time to sell the wine. When it is time the client can do so themselves or let the firm's team do so on their behalf.

Global Wine investments have their own storage facilities. Getting the best price for wine largely depends on proving that the wine has been stored properly. It has to be stored at the right temperature and in the right humidity and light conditions, something small investors struggle to do.
If you are considering investing in wine, visit the Global Wine Investments website. There you will find plenty of free information to help you decide whether wine investment is for you.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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