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The limitations that many workplaces impose upon workers can lead to many issues. Not only is efficiency often decreased, but the chances of injuries occurring are often increased proportionately. Ergonomics is something that is employed in many offices and yet, in warehouses and the like, very little thought is given to just how much difference a change in work tools can make.

Material handling can lead to a great amount of worker fatigue and, over time, a high potential for injuries or even repetitive strain problems. Choosing the right lifting equipment, storage and transporting equipment will not only help you to increase what you can achieve but also put your workers at less risk.

In most cases, paying slightly more for better equipment will more than pay for itself and even in environments where material handling is at a minimum or will involve weights that do not need equipment to transport or lift the items, actually taking the time to source quality products could still make a major difference.
However, it is not only lifting equipment that needs conscious thought, but even simply training those who are likely to be carrying out such tasks. Over time, many people forget about initial training regarding safe practice in the workplace and, after not seeing any accidents through sloppy lifting practice, will often forget about the right approach to lifting completely. Therefore, regular refreshers and informative flyers about how best to move and lift items can be very important, as can simply reviewing the approach your business takes to manual lifting.

It is not only warehouses and factories that are likely to need equipment to help improve efficiency and reduce injuries. Everywhere from offices to schools can benefit from the right equipment and simply taking the time to source the items that are right for you could help you to achieve far more and see your staff get tired and injured far less.

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Article By: James Dacanay

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