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How often have you told yourself that your business would be better run if you could find the time to attend to everything? From picking and packing to distribution, from product design to web development? The answer, of course, is that modern businesses use outsourced fulfilment services to answer their delivery needs; outsourced web developers to look after their websites. And that leaves them free to concentrate on product and service design.

An experienced fulfilment services provider offers you a range of benefits – starting with a better designed delivery system and ending with the provision of real customer service to your clients. In between, your fulfilment partner is able to get you the best prices on inland and overseas delivery; arrange even the most difficult of one off deliveries; and provide tracking and reporting services that enable you to make the most of your current capabilities.

Speaking of current capabilities, when you use outsourced fulfilment you get the benefits of state of the art warehouse equipment, up to the minute training and best working practice – all without having to invest anything more than the normal monthly fee. Because when you outsource your fulfilment services, you’re hiring the whole infrastructure – meaning even the smallest business has access to enterprise class picking and packing technology.
The modern outsourced fulfilment partner is a complete warehousing facility, offering you the services of an account manager who manages all aspects of your storage, stock ordering and delivery cycles. As part of the package, he or she is able to produce daily weekly or monthly reports identifying stock trends, peak and trough ordering times, and larger trends that may be indicative of movements within your marketplace or industry sector.

It’s important of course that in house systems and the external systems run by fulfilment services can marry up. The modern fulfilment partner is able to deliver almost real-time stock information, sending daily file transfers to your in house systems so your website and internal stock controls accurately reflect current activity. And vice versa, they can accept orders by any methods necessary – and will be able to suggest a more streamlined method of order receipt and delivery if needs be.

Stock control is clearly important. An outsourced warehouse department may include dedicated stock control teams, whose sole job is to manage and report on stock levels for all clients using the company’s services. Cycle counting is commonly used – where an agreed number of lines from stock are counted every week in cycles. Automated processes ensure that pre-set re-order levels flag action from the account manager.

Fulfilment services are there to provide a thoroughly professional storage, stock control and delivery system for their clients. Ensuring, in turn, that their clients are able to deliver a thoroughly professional service to their customers.
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