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   Brochures reflect what the company is about thus a good layout, high quality printing, concrete substance and great shots is important. At a glance, it must contain the company profile without overstuffing.

   Brochure printing is a good marketing tactic to focus on. Having the best printer and designer around will surely make your brochure a definite success. Everything in it would reveal your company and products so use the best materials possible. Avoid overstuffing though to avoid misconceptions. You would not want to reveal something about your company if it was not real right? The content must at least half of these –

•     Company Name
•     Website
•     Telephone numbers
•     Email Addresses
•     Vision – Mission
•     What the Company does
•     What the Company offers
•     A Happy Tone
•     How much you have or how big your company is (some see this as a sign that a particular company is reliable and not just a fly – by – night office)
•     A good and not pixelated photo
   Your output must also have an overview of your company facilities and capabilities if you think this is necessary. The size must be proper. Do not show that you are eager to sell, show them you care and would care about their needs and wants. Make sure that printing was professionally done (no blotches, no dirty prints)

   Write a brief description on what the company does and what it focuses on succinctly and as descriptive as possible. One thing that you must always remember, People only skims through a brochure and forgets about it, some even throws them directly in the trash bin. They rarely read the entire document. Remember that in a glance your company brochure must show that it is a well-run and efficient office just by looking at it. What you decide to highlight and what you offer is needed so be careful about these details. The words you choose, the sentence you write will play a huge toll on how you will be perceived.

   Organize your ideas first and imagine your concept. Include color schemes, pictures, inclusions and the layout. Create a rough draft from those organized thoughts. All artists start with simple circles and sketches, start with that and see how it turns out. Review other brochures and check out what they have and what you think should be included. Notice how they mixed colors or where they placed their pictures and information. Ask around and see what people prefer. Do not just ask one, ask several people especially on your target demographic and listen. It is not necessary to consider everything they want, just have a general idea on what they prefer.

   One last thing, you might want to consider – professionals. As artistic and professional as you may think you are, your experience and lack there of will play a heavy toll on your marketing strategy if done improperly. Remember that it is a marketing tool. If you failed to use it well, it may bring a negative impact on your company and your budget. Unless you can shoot great photos that can wow everyone (not just your mother) consider asking for professional help on this area. Most companies that specialize in brochure printing have great designers that you can take advantage of.
   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in brochures and brochure printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Article By: Kaye Z. Marks

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