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   A brochure can only be attention grabbing if it has something interesting. A lengthy document rarely gets read unless it is important or people are forced to read it.

   In this case, avoid stuffing unnecessary information in your brochure. Very few people read everything from cover to cover so minimize everything you want to say. Brochures are most often a single or double paged leaf, you cannot possibly stuff everything about your company in there. So be prepared to minimize.

How can your brochure achieve success and get the attention of everyone?
   1.     Be different, be creative - Of the many companies in the pool of business, you should have that little extra something that none of your competition has. You should provide them with something to entice their senses. Remember to research on your competition, knowing what they have and do not have can give you an edge on what you can provide. Try to put in something new in your brochures.

   2.     Bullet it! - Since we need to offer them with a rundown on what you provide, putting everything in bullet points can give each of these services or information some notice they truly deserve.

   3.     Highlight it! - With the skimmers still in mind, anything that is not highlighted will be unnoticed specially if it is just in extensive paragraphs. By highlighting it (bold or underline) you can easily point out or highlight a specific word that you want the readers to be aware of.

   4.     Succinctly yours - Most people are skimmers, in this high-paced world people will only look at your brochure and skim through it in less than a minute. Thus limiting your sentences to three per bullet point is highly suggested.
   5.     Picture Perfect - Pictures included in a brochure are limited especially because it has a restricted space. Every picture you put there then must reflect what you want to say or address. Do not put anything just because you think that picture is pretty or it matches the color scheme. Your Logo is one picture you should definitely include since it totals your company. Pictures for services should be “moving or action pictures.” If your service is all about cleaning, have a picture of your models or staff cleaning.

   6.     Realism - Be realistic! Do not put anything that is not true. Do not allow any misconceptions. Provide real details and facts. You would not want readers to think you deceived them.

   7.     Describe - Tell them what you are all about. Describe succinctly what you can share. Provide something exciting or interesting. Just be clear and concise. Avoid clichés. They have been used for the hundredth time even your readers know what you are about to say and stop reading.

   8.     Prescribe - Give your readers something. Suggest what your product or service can do for them.

   9.     Be monogamous - A more focused brochure describing a particular service or product is the one that is read by most.

   10.     Frugal ones - If you are focused on a particular product and you decide to include a product, try to reduce the price compared to your competition.

   An eye-catching brochure is direct to the point but still caters to the needs of the intended clients. Just be sure that the result from your brochure printing is as great as what can be read from it.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in brochures and brochure printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Article By: Kaye Z. Marks

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