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Summer offers some very unique opportunities, and being able to capitalise on these can make a huge difference to a business’s finances. Everything from the range of services or goods you offer through to exactly how you offer them can be focussed far more to summer and, with the right approach, you can make sure that summer is as profitable for you as possible.

For example, bright and vibrant colours are far more likely to attract people in the summer than they are in the winter. Likewise, offering a place to sit and drink a cold smoothie may attract people into your store far more than going with a retail interior design that leaves people feeling claustrophobic.
However, there are of course issues with creating a summer friendly interior. After all, the cost of undertaking retail interior design is not going to be cheap and if you have to alter your entire design once more once winter arrives, it will turn out to be a false economy. Therefore when it comes to design, it may well be worth talking to retail designers about how to create a more flexible space that can be optimised to maximum effect in both summer and winter.

Of course, consulting retail designers is not the only way your business can make the most of summer. You may also find that certain promotions and events are far easier to run come summer, and orgainsing certain promotions or events that involve getting people outside may help you raise your profile greatly.

Of course, for certain businesses, there is also a certain amount of downtime to factor in when summer comes around, and therefore being prepared for this can help you capitalise on the summer too. Rather than leaving members of staff with little to do for long periods should your business happen to have less custom, plan ahead and consider which areas need focussing on and use the time accordingly, whether that be for training, events planning or even simply to maximise promotions.

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Article By: Aidan Smith

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