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   Is your postcard printing truly fit for marketing? Are your designs competitive enough and convincing enough to achieve those crucial marketing goals?

   If you do not know how to actually assess your custom postcards for marketing, then let me teach you how. Below are the five steps that should help you assess and determine if they can survive in the postcard marketing environment.

   1.     Is the cover image original and distinct? – The first question that you really need to ask as an assessment is if the cover image is original and distinct. The fact of the matter is, originality and distinction is the crucial element that will make your color postcards stand out against other unsolicited marketing junk mail in circulation. You will want to compare your designs with other typical marketing letters and cards that your target market receives. Your own cover image should be very different and much more prominent from others, of course. So do the comparison and improve the covers if needed.
   2.     What are the typical reactions of people? – The next assessment step is to get feedback from sample audience. This is a crucial step since you will get more unbiased and raw opinions from audiences than you might otherwise have gotten from yourself or your team. So try to get reactions from random people, or maybe from a few trusted colleagues, friends and family members. Gather all the constructive criticism that they throw at you and gauge their emotional reactions. Using that information, try to improve for the better.

   3.     Does the message engage readers and convince them to act? – The next part of the assessment plan should be about the message. You should ask yourself if the message is engaging your readers and convincing them to respond. Try to determine if the main leading issue in your marketing postcard is something that your target readers have real and deep concern about. Also, judge if the call to action is composed on a deeper level than just telling people to buy something. The message and the call to action must resonate with target readers on a very personal level for it to work effectively. Otherwise, your cards will just be stereotypical.

   4.     Is the card made of high-grade materials? – You should also try to determine if they have been printed using the best high-grade materials possible. Professional copies are typically printed with thick paper, with highly glossy coatings especially on the cover side. If these are not the materials used, then you still have room for improvement with your prints. The better the quality of the materials the longer lasting and more effective these will be.

   5.     Can the card be sent to every location you need? – Lastly, you should try to assess if such can be sent to every location that you need. Try to check its final dimensions and see if it will be accepted in most of the postal services that you will be using to send them. See if your outputs can also be deployed effectively in racks and other types of alternative distribution method. It is better to have a more adaptable size, of course.
   Now you know how to assess. At least now, you now know the important steps and practices to truly determine if your prints are ready for marketing.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in print postcards and postcard printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Article By: Kaye Z. Marks

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