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Sketch artists have grown in popularity across streets worldwide as professionals offer their unique services to member of the public. Such artists specialise in drawing portrait images of a singular or couple of individuals who sit a few yard away from a canvas art board. For a relatively low price, customers receive a drawn adaptation of themselves which carry creative qualities and a visual impact that can be displayed within a residential property. Such drawings can be done as a normal portrait or given a humorous slant via a big head, small body image which depicts all the facial features an individual possesses.

The overall quality of sketches conducted by a professional artist provides customers with high quality images which provide an alternative adaptation to traditional photos. Such images can be proudly displayed within a photo frame or placed upon a feature wall within any household room.
Significant advancements in technological capabilities have integrated sketch designs within personalised photo cards which can be purchase for any occasion. Card specialists who operate online utilise a digital processing system which can transform a normal photo into sketch form. The special effects used on a computer create a sketch-like image which has the characteristics and look of a professional artist’s work.

Sketch effect photo cards are perfect for all occasions, whether it is a birthday or annual holiday. The additional visual qualities of personalised photo cards are widely more received and appreciated by recipients than traditional cards that contain standard imagery and content.

A personal photo can be utilised within a multitude of design templates which can be chosen in order to match the personality or taste and interests of the recipient. Although certain templates may present themselves more as a potential opportunity to create sketch photo cards, adding a personal touch can create a greater impact and reaction from a recipient.

Although many cards end up stored away in a drawer, recycled or binned, cards which contain a sketched image of the recipient can be cherished and kept up for longer to remember the special gesture.

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Article By: Shaun Davison

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