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As you are probably aware, architects London work in one of the most skilled professions you can enter into. Consequently the process of becoming fully qualified is both long and laborious. It takes at least seven years – five studying and two working – to be able to practice and the job title of architects London is protected by law. Here is a brief guide to the process of earning your stripes as it were:
It should not be underestimated exactly how much training architects London need to go through in order to become fully qualified. Typically architects begin their training with a BA or BSc which takes three years to complete. This is followed by a year in practice which sees them work in an architects London practice that gives them hands-on experience of the job. Some trainees opt for a longer period out so they can gain more professional experience. An MA is then undertaken which takes two years before a further period of practical experience is completed. At this stage, graduates will be allowed more responsibility on projects and start to learn about aspects of practice and management as well as the relevant law on a part 3 programme. Once at total two years’ worth of experience on the job is gained then prospective architects London can take the part 3 examination.
Of course the whole process of becoming one of the architects London (or another part of the country) has to offer needs to be done as a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects London. Once the part 3 is done the final stage is an evaluation of your CV, portfolio and a written and oral examination. Once these are passed and you have registered as you can practice as a chartered member of the RIBA.
Finding architects London
As you can see from the information above architects are very highly trained and the high standards are scrupulously protected so that standards do not drop. Therefore when you give the architects Surrey a call you can enjoy peace of mind that they know how to do the job properly. One website where you can find the most professional, affordable architects Surrey can be found at

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