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So it is now the holidays. If you have brochures on hand for marketing, you have to know how to use them effectively to maximize their impact on this very lucrative season. You do not want to miss out on all those extra sales of course, and luckily for you there are some pretty great strategies available out there that are easy to copy. Let me give you five easy to follow tips that can easily be applied to your custom brochures. You will want to use all these strategies initially for your holiday brochure marketing campaign.

1. Sale/Discount headlines – Everybody is looking to get that great big deal during this holiday market season. That is why you can safely use simple sales and discount headlines without appearing overly commercialized or boring.

Everybody is looking for those deals, and if you display that discount or sale headline in your brochures, you are bound to get those brochures picked up easily. So do not be afraid, tell people that you will give them DISCOUNTS!, FREEBIES or you have some kind of CLEARANCE HOLIDAY SALE. All these will mark your brochures easily for them to be picked up.
2. Coupon brochures – Besides the headlines, you may also want revamp your whole brochure to become some kind of coupon. By telling audiences that they can use your marketing brochures as a kind of coupon to be availed at your shop, you can of course get people to get as many of your color brochures as they can.

This will help you get more people to go to your shop and but your products. They will not only read your message in the marketing brochure, they will probably even give them out to others since they are great useful coupon gifts at this time of the year.

3. Strategic brochure placement – To be effective at brochure marketing, you must place your brochures in the right locations for them to be seen and picked up. Since this is the holiday season, you may want to strategically place those brochures at the right areas where many people will probably gather or line up.

I would typically try those sales checkout lines, gift packing desks, and other mall related waiting lines and areas. More people will pick up brochures when they are in line to do something. So make sure to add brochure racks to those areas where people wait and hang out during the holidays.
4. Brochure greeting “cards” – You can also create brochures just like a greeting card. This not only fives you the right message during the holiday marketing season, but it also helps your prints to get picked up and kept by people. They will not throw away greeting card brochures every easily simply because they look a bit like useful and sincere kinds of greeting cards that one needs to accept.

5. Decoration brochures – Lastly, you can develop a very specially design brochure that can be used as a decoration. I have seen brochures that look like Christmas trees. I have also seen some of them that look like the Hanukkah Menorah, and many other religious and cultural symbols of the holiday season. As long as there is meaning and the right decorative value, people will pick up these brochures and use them for decorations as well, giving you some marketing value for them.

Now you know the key strategies that you need to do holiday marketing using your color brochures. It should be easy once you plan out everything in detail. So just review all the items above and make sure that you follow the tips very precisely. With the right tricks and a little luck your brochures should be able to get those holiday profits more easily.

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Article By: Kaitlyn Miller

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