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The basic purpose of using the stickers is to develop a project in a bit more intriguing manner. The stickers are also used to add life into the work that had been considered as dull earlier. Hence we can say that the stickers will catch the attention of the viewers and whatever campaign we are running will be responded by the people in more responsible manner. Be it a marketing campaign, or political objective, the stickers will add more significance to the message that we are proposing. Most important feature of these stickers is that they can be used by an individual to show off his creative ability to represent his message in public.

Stickers are used in various ways, e.g. as Custom Bumper Stickers on vehicles, and as the return addresses for making the posted letter more customized. They are also used as the post cards. When it comes to the printing of stickers, many intriguing things were not known to the people or they were even considered as impossible to be achieved. The advanced technology has now made these impossible tasks possible. First in first, the Sticker Printing can now is printed in any size, shape, color, and dimension. The more advanced customization tools have also enabled the people to customize these stickers to whatever way they wish to.

The companies which want to use the stickers as the primary mode for their advertisement campaign, they must make one fact sure that they are ordering the stickers in bulk as they will then get them in a very effective and reduced cost, as a small package of stickers would be costly for the individuals or companies and will also not meet the needs. The pricing policy of most of the sticker printing agencies goes as follows, when the quantity of printed Bumper Sticker ordered by the client is increased, the price of the per unit production will decrease, as both these indicators work in inversely proportional to each other. Therefore, the companies will get their required number of stickers in more economical prices.

The most widely used form of the stickers in the modern age is the bumper stickers. We normally see these types of stickers on the front as well as back bumpers of the vehicles. Most of these stickers specially bumper stickers are of funny genre, and people find them interesting as well as laugh on the jokes written or presented through images on them. These bumper stickers can also be used for a social campaign, as the people can use them for running an environmental campaign, or charity event etc. therefore, we can conclude that stickers are the most important as well as interesting mode for advertising purpose and conveying the message to other people in the most effective way.

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