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Global Wine Investments are based in the City of London. They are a prestigious firm of wine merchants who specialise in helping people to buy wine as an investment rather to drink.

Global Wine Investments Customer Base

The people who invest in wine are very varied. More people are waking up to the fact that wine is an excellent investment. It is one of the few truly tax-free investment opportunities still easily available to investors.
Wine investors come from every walk of life. Investing in wine has always been popular with the rich and famous and over the past two or three decades has slowly begun to be used by pension funds and investment houses to diversify their investment portfolios. However, in recent years the biggest growth has come from private investors who are investing in wine rather than opening savings accounts, which no longer offer a good rate of interest.

Global Wine Investments want to attract all kinds of customers, so make investing in wine as easy as possible. They provide a tailored service, so investors can manage as much of the investment process, as they want to, or pay them to do so instead.

The Global Wine Investments Service

Global Wine Investments aim to provide a comprehensive service to their clients. They provide their clients with data to back up their assertion that wine makes a good investment. Once a customer decides to buy from them, they help them to buy a diverse portfolio of wines that should match their performance expectations.
However, their service does not end there. They can also manage that wine for you. Storing wine properly is extremely important. Being able to demonstrate that the wine you are selling has been properly stored affects the value of that wine.

When you want to sell your wine Global Wine Investments will do so for you. Their connection within the industry makes it far easier for them to secure a good price than it would be for you to do so. They also take care of all of the paperwork to make sure that you do not fall foul of the taxman.
Global Wine Investments is a well-established wine merchant who provides a tailored wine investment service, which is suitable for all kinds of investors.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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