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There is nepotism in every vocation, and getting a job due to who you know rather than what you know is certainly not uncommon. However, in the arts, who you know can be everything.

Whilst it may seem as though talent is all that matters, in many cases there will be hundreds or thousands of people going for the same parts, and trying to make a decision between people who are extremely similar in terms of talent is not always easy. In fact, in many cases, just getting your foot in the door is the hardest thing and whilst you will still need to be extremely talented, if knowing someone can get you seen by the right people, this can be extremely important.

This is another reason why theatre schools can be so important. Whilst they teach you the trade, knowledge of the industry and the best way to improve and develop your talent, theatre schools also introduce you to a huge number of people, helping you create a network that is likely to be invaluable in the future.
Those who train on less renowned courses are unlikely to have access to the same level of professionals and will therefore be starting from zero when they head out into the wider world to look for work.

In many cases, those attending the best performing arts school can find work whilst they are still training allowing them to not only have a very attractive CV when they graduate, but also ensuring that they have worked with far more people too, allowing them to get even more access to the right directors and casting agents.

The best start in performing arts will involve going to the best performing arts school to allow not only a huge amount of development of talent, but also to ensure that you meet the right people to help open those all important doors.

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Article By: Dirk Rowell

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