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Take a look around, is your office space being used to its maximum potential? Do you have large meeting rooms that rarely get used simply because they are too big, or have individual offices that remain unused because they are too small for your needs? With the cost of office space being one of the biggest expenses for your organisation, isn’t it time that you started to get the most out of it?

Most companies I visit who are looking at refurbishing their office space don’t just want a great looking office environment (although I admit it is high on their list!), they are also looking for flexibility from their space. I am finding that business owners don’t want to be restricted by a large open plan area or smaller permanent meeting rooms; they want to be able to choose.

But how do you make a workspace flexible?
I feel that the introduction of folding walls can provide a great deal of flexibility. Folding walls enable you to utilise existing space efficiently and effectively.

Whether you want to divide a room to enable you to host more than one meeting or function at the same time, or open up smaller rooms to create one large space, this type of fixture is ideal for transforming a space to suit your needs. As well as flexibility, folding walls also offer other benefits:

Can be installed and removed easily, which is great if you are only leasing the space.

Unlike permanent walls they (as their name suggests) can be folded neatly against a perimeter wall or in a custom built storage unit when not in use.
The acoustic properties of some folding walls mean that when dividing meeting or training rooms they preserve confidentiality and distractions are kept to a minimum.

Space is not permanently reduced or open.

The cost of installing a folding wall can be less expensive compared to other permanent fixtures.

Can be customised to fit the space available.

Can include doors for easy entry and exit.

Available in a wide range of finishes to blend in with room aesthetics.

In conclusion, installing folding walls from Whitespace as part of your office refurbishment can provide a flexible office space, functional and a comfortable place to work for you and your employees.

Article By: james Bond

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