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More young people are choosing to stay at home longer due to lack of funds to buy or rent their own properties, and where your house seemed plenty big enough while they were children, as young adults, it can be easy to feel as if you are all on top of each other. To keep family relations as peaceful as possible, you might want to consider extending your home to give everyone a little more space. Garden buildings are one way in which you can do this without having to build an extension to your home, giving you a whole extra room in your garden which also costs less and is quicker to install.

These garden buildings are a fantastic form of sustainable housing. Using low-energy lighting and heating, they won’t cost much extra to run, but you’ll be able to have all the comforts that you would have in an extra room in your house. Being separated from the main house in a completely standalone building, this could become a chill out space, a place where your grown children can hang out with their friends in peace, or even a bedroom or mini flat for them to feel more independent. You can even add a mini-kitchen and/or shower too.

If you choose your garden building from Ecospace, the original creators of this kind of modular garden building and sustainable housing, you really will get an environmentally friendly building which blends in completely with the garden’s natural surroundings. Made from sustainable wood structure and cedar cladding, you won’t have to decorate the building inside or out. The high performance insulation and Scandinavian double glazing also ensure that you won’t run up high energy bills trying to keep it warm in the winter months, but can live, work or play in there in complete comfort and security.
For more information please visit – www.ecospacestudios.com

Article By: Shaun Davison

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