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The mystery of what determines consumer behaviour is one that has been researched and studied for years. The psychology of consumerism is extremely complex and the motivators that affect buying decision differ from individual to individual. Buyer motivation is largely a result of the perceived value of the item being purchased. In many instances (especially in the FMCG and food industries) very rarely does the consumer have the opportunity to test out the product before purchasing it. If they are fortunate to try out or taste the product prior to purchasing it,it can still be difficult to gauge exactly how much the consumer will like the product or food in the future.

Questions such as will it fulfil the purpose I need it for (FMCG products), how will it taste and will my children like it,can only be answered with time, and after the purchase decision has been made. For marketers, merchandisers and psychologists alike, the battle for brand loyalty lies within those first moments of decision when the consumer lays eyes upon the product.

For this group of influencers the challenge is all about communicating product attributes and value through consumer packaging. Packaging is the one chance that brands get to engage prospective consumers and communicate why the consumer should purchase the product. Creative packaging should tell a story about loyalty, the brand, the consumer and how the product will benefit the consumer. And it all must be told on the face of a product pack within the timespan of a few uninterrupted seconds that the consumer is willing to dedicate to viewing the product pack.
Many marketers and merchandisers actually believe that creative consumer packaging is the most important thing a brand can do to convey value and convert browsers into loyal customers. Creative packaging has largely been in the front of the minds of market strategists and brand managers. New, engaging, innovative and creative packaging is key. With brand competition higher than ever coming up with the perfect consumer packaging is more important than ever. Apart from making packs with eye catching design elements and effectively communicating a brand’s value, creative packaging designers are experimenting with different shapes and sizes of packaging, along with integrating different materials into the consumer packaging. Packaging designers and marketers will do whatever it takes to get their product noticed and picked up off the shelves by more consumers. Even if it does mean more elaborate and expensive consumer packaging, the increase in sales for effective packaging can often compensate for the increased packaging prices. In the world of consumer packaging, the sky is the limit, and finding the best packaging for a brand that communicates value, tells a story and differentiates it from the competition is a true art form in itself.
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