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When it comes to decorating supplies there are the obvious pieces of equipment and then there are other devices and accessories which are easy to overlook. Obviously your choice of tools depends on the job at hand. For instance stripping wallpaper will require different apparatus from varnishing an interior door. Therefore here is a guide to the usual suspects and some handy extras in terms of decorating supplies:

When you hear the phrase decorating supplies the things that immediately spring to mind are paint rollers and brushes. One of the most popular forms of decorative domestic work is giving an interior surface a lick of paint. Brushes are useful on things like window sills and frames where detail is important and paint rollers are used where large areas are painted a single cover. Ceilings in particular are common candidates for this as the extra reach of a roller is advantageous. Both these forms of decorating supplies come in various shapes and sizes.

Other essential decorating supplies include scrapers and filling knives. The former is used for getting rid of stray bits of wallpaper and the latter is for filling in holes and cracks in plasterwork using a thick substance which sets and can be sanded – which brings us onto our next decorating supplies; sandpaper is important for getting the final finish needed for painting and wallpapering. Available in various different grains ranging from the very fine for detailed work to coarse enough to smooth out major imperfections, this can be applied by hand or using electrical belt sanders (which get their name from the belt-shaped roll of sandpaper) or orbital ones (decorating supplies which use discs of sandpaper which are rotated at high speed).
As you can imagine none of the above decorating supplies would be effective without large sheets to help reduce the mess left by decorating. Paint splatters and blobs of stray filling agent can ruin a carpet or floorboards so it is necessary to get the right fabrics to prevent your work from being counterproductive.
We have just scratched the surface of what decorating supplies need to be bought. For the above items and a range of other pieces of kit visit

Article By: Jessica Thomson

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