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Slatwall is a name that you perhaps are not familiar with but chances are that you will have encountered it at some point in your life. Slatwall panels are found in all sorts of retail premises as they are versatile enough to accommodate all sorts of products. With that in mind here is a brief introduction to this useful commercial accessory:

Fibreboard or MDF is used in many cases to make slatwall. Slatwall panels consist of slats of the materials separated by grooves and are available with a wide range of finishes. These include natural look things like oak and beech as well painted or mirrored surfaces. Obviously the choice of slatwall finish depends on what type of company you are and what type of vibe you want in-store. Many people prefer low key designs but some like eye catching colors as they bright the store up.

Slatwall is ideal for commercial applications as it is just so practical. It is most commonly used in retail outlets as it is ideal for hangers on which ranges of products are hooked. In other words it is frequently installed in shops as it is a convenient and adjustable alternative to shelving. Slatwall therefore gives you the option of changing the arrangement of your stock to accommodate new items or for a change. Slatwall panels are consequently fitted to the walls of stores and many also see it fit to invest in gondolas to sit on the shop floor and store more items.
Where can I find a supplier of high quality slatwall?
Whether you are on the hunt for Slatwall panels or other related accessories you need to locate a specialist supplier to avoid disappointment. You should only settle for a provider of slatwall which guarantees quality and charges competitive prices. One firm which has carved out an excellent reputation on both counts can be found at The company stocks a comprehensive range of slatwall products ranging from panels to inserts and even gondolas so pay a visit to the website today if you are in need of any further information.

Article By: Jassica Thomson

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