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   You would always want to get the most value out of each flyer printing output. That is why it is always good to create a multipurpose type of layout every time you print.

   In this special guide, I will discuss with you all the elements of a great multipurpose flyer. If you have all these elements in your custom flyers, then you will be able to do extra public relations, increase sales, lift your reputation and make your marketing campaign all the more effective, useful and popular.

   1.     Main marketing cover – Since the first goal is marketing or advertising, then the most important element is of course a marketing cover. This should include a very well defined headline that draws people into reading the print, as well as a full color high-resolution image that should impress and engage readers. This should of course be prominently placed at the cover itself, occupying at least 50% of its main area. Of course, this can vary according to your purpose, but in most cases, a large marketing area is indeed crucial.
   2.     Public relations spiel – Along with a marketing message, another important part is a public relations spiel. A crucial part of your company operation relies on public relations, as this will help improve your reputation and make it look better in the eyes of customers and partners. Your marketing material will be more trusted if it explains exactly what your company is about, how it works and what guiding principles you have. Do not forget your public relations spiel.

   3.     Call to action form – You should also know that you can actually add in a call to action form within. This adds functionality, making it into an order form or registration form that people can use to respond immediately to your marketing message. By doing this, you can actually increase the response rates and success rates of your campaign simply because it is easier for a lot more people to respond if the response tool is already right in their hands already.

   4.     Educational content value – Always have some good educational content value. Readers tend to rate blatant commercial color flyers low since there is nothing really that they gain from reading them. However, if you add in some really educational or useful information within, then you will be giving it more value and significance to readers. They will learn more and of course, you will gain the ability to teach your market about the key concepts of your products and services. It is a win-win situation really, so it is good to have some educational content value.

   5.     Survey or information gathering section - Lastly, if you are very particular with market research, you can also piggyback an information gathering section. By adding a tear off form that people can fill out, you can easily gather some great consumer data directly from them. Just make sure you add some motivation for people to fill those out in the form of a content prize or something similar. With this, you can do marketing and actual marketing research all in one printing package.
   You need to be aware of the elements enumerated above. You should gunning down these design elements to turn up with a great and effective flyer marketing campaign.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in flyers and flyer printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Article By: Kaye Z. Marks

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