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A growing number of firms are deciding to do their own ID card printing. Doing so has several advantages and even a smallish business can benefit from doing so.

The Main Costs of ID Card Printing

Whether or not doing your own ID card printing is right for your business is dependent on several factors. The biggest factor is how many cards you have to have printed each year. Getting started with ID card printing requires some investment. Even the cheapest ID card printers cost around about £1,000. In addition, you need to buy the blank cards and some ink. Whilst most ID card printers come with the necessary software to get started, sometimes you need to buy that as well. In most cases, you need to set aside at least £1,500 to get started with printing your own ID cards. Clearly, if you only require half a dozen cards every year this is a substantial investment.
However, it is an investment that firms are still deciding to make. This is because they value the other advantages of carrying out their own ID printing above the cost of doing so. They realise that by doing their ID card printing in-house provides them with a much more secure process. It means that they can keep the exact design of their ID cards to themselves. This includes which security features they include on each card. It makes it far harder for their ID cards to be convincingly faked.

In addition, there is no delay between ordering an ID card and receiving it. This means that they can give secure access to new employees within an hour rather than having to wait a week or so.

Making Your Own ID Card Printing Truly Secure

Sadly, many firms who print their own ID cards forget to ensure that the blanks they are using are as high-tech as possible. Simply printing a photo ID onto a standard blank card means that these cards can be easily forged. As a result, if you are going to carry out your own ID card printing you have to invest in blank ID cards with proper layers of security embedded in them.
If you are interested in doing your own ID card printing visit the RW place website. We sell high-end blank security cards designed for use by firms who print their own cards.

Article By: William Pollard

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