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   In brochure marketing, every season has its own quirks. If you are planning to do commercial printing and marketing this coming summer season, you should be prepared.

   You need to know the right design practices and marketing tricks to really be effective. Let me give you a few essential tips that should get you started in marketing this summer season. Just follow the five tips below and discover exactly the best tricks for brochure marketing this season.

   1.     Use configurations that are more mobile – If you are marketing in the summer, you will of course encounter a market that is travelling a lot for summer vacations. When this happens, it is best to use configurations that are more mobile so that those audiences can easily pick up and read those prints while they are on the go. This means using smaller and more simply folded trifold brochures if possible. Having a more mobile configuration will make your marketing campaign more effective.

   2.     Adapt more colourful design schemes – summer designs typically have more color than usual. This is of course done to represent the energy and dynamism that the summer season brings to most markets. Your materials of course should also adapt that more colourful design scheme that is popular in the summer months. Just choose the light and warm color hues that best compliment your main marketing theme. Make sure that you do this, as they will not be as competitive with other summer marketing materials if they are left with the less energetic colors of other seasons.
   3.     Add great looking models in summer outfits – Of course, to add more spice to your campaign in the summer, it is good to always add great looking models in summer outfits in your layout. Believe me, great looking models will sell stuff a lot better, and having them in summer outfits only double that effectiveness. So make sure that you add some great looking models in summer outfits for marketing.

   4.     Modify marketing content for the summer market season – Also, you should realize that not all kinds of marketing content would apply to the summer market season. It is always best to modify your marketing content so that the issues and topics inside discuss some major concerns or issues that are relevant to the summer season. This helps make the prints you have done become more relevant and useful for the summer market, helping your campaign succeed.

   5.     Use a new strategy for summer deployment – Finally, when you deploy for the summer market, be sure to actually use a specific new strategy for the season. People tend to travel when this season comes, most especially the younger markets that flock to vacation destinations and camps. You should always try to redeploy to the location where they are going as well in travel stops and stations so that you can make sure that your prints are seen and read. It is better to deploy closer to your market.

   Now you are more prepared to do commercial printing and marketing this summer season. Just use the tips above to get yourself more ready at this time of year.
   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in commercial printing technologies that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Article By: Kaye Z. Marks

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