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The lump ore which comes after the stope passes through the Crushing operation obtains the granularity small product, provides certain product granularity for the Grinding operation, this is the Crushing duty. Regarding the Crushing operation, the broken minerals granularity is bigger, cursher's productivity is higher, the stave expense is also lower. But, regarding the Grinding operation, ore mill's productivity along with will give the ore granularity to increase reduces. Otherwise, if reduces for the ore granularity, ore mill's (ore grinding machine) productivity will have the enhancement, the Grinding expense may reduce.

Generally speaking, in the conventional stave Grinding flow, the Crushing's energy consumption is small, but the Grinding energy consumption is much bigger. Statistics indicated that the Crushing is only the Grinding energy consumption 12~25%, and the Crushing's efficiency is higher than the Grinding. Therefore, in grinding and crushing system, should reduce the broken minerals granularity as far as possible, the full display stave function sharpens ore mill's handling ability, is called “broken little rubs”. Because broken minerals granularity's reduction, may also reduce as the Grinding medium's steel ball diameter, thus increased the ball medium surface area, causes the ball medium and the ore contacted area increases, also increased the abrasion function, makes ore mill's productivity to enhance, the steel ball consumption may also reduce.
Breaks to pieces the ore granularity finally the size and the ore dressing plant scale has the very big relations. The ore dressing plant scale is bigger, reduces the ore mill to give the ore granularity the economic effect to be also more remarkable. For example, it is estimated that regarding the scale is 10,000,000 tons/year ore dressing plants, when the broken ore's final granularity reduces by 20~0 millimeters to 12~0 millimeters, although stave productivity impairment 1/3, but Ball Mill's ability has been possible to enhance 16%, the equipment investment may save 1,051,000 Yuan, the installed power low 3855 kilowatts, every year saves the electricity to consume 30,585,000 kwh, Accounted for about 10% of plant electricity consumption.
Of course, the data cannot apply mechanically, but must consider other factors. For example equipment factor, when the last section for short-head circular Cone Crusher,the crushing product's final granularity in fact cannot be smaller than 6~8 millimeters, even also wants big, approximately to 10~15 millimeters. If installs to the roller crusher, although may obtain 4~5 millimeters final granularity, but must consider that disposes and manages the aspect the question. When design should guarantee each section of crusher's discharge size is suitable, do not surpass the permission the minimum discharge size. In order to the equipment can under the normal work condition, obtain the smallest crushing productgranularity. The most appropriate broken minerals granularity and crushing process has the very big relations.
In summary, in determined when most reasonable broken ore granularity, factors and so on crushing circuit which mainly with the ore dressing plant scale's size, uses the broken ore equipment which as well as uses to concern. According to “broken little rubs” principle, should take obtain the smallest broken ore granularity as suitable. Get rotary kiln,ball mill,ball mill From

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