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   Your business is important for any printing company because it means business for them too. As a businessperson, you need to go find yourself a reliable commercial printing company that will treat you like a partner and not just a onetime client.

   Also look for one which offers custom printing services. You can create fantastic customized printed materials if you find the right printer with power packed deals. Here are several things you should cover when talking to your custom printer:

   1.     Budget - One thing you need to tell the printer is how much your budget is. Once he knows your budget, he can then offer you the best deals that are within your budget with assurance of good and professional results.
   2.     Contacts and target market - Your contact list is important if you will avail of postage services along with printing. You will be given a choice to upload the contact list you may already have or you can purchase contact information from the database of your printer. Letting your printers know your target market will also give them a general idea on what colors or design preferable for your printed outputs.

   3.     Paper type – If you already have a general vision of how you want your output to look, you may also already have a specific paper in mind. Let your printer know this early on. Some papers may not work for certain prints so listen to your printer just in case they tell you it will not work.

   4.     Size and edges - The size depending on your preference and need may vary. While you think having a very big folder compared to the regular ones is cool, you might want to reconsider and think about how hard it would be for people to carry it. The edges are important too because it is an additional enhancement.

   5.     Design - Let your printer know if your company already has a designer to work on customization or you choose to hire another professional designer. The design requires editing by the printers too especially if you are not able to follow their guidelines on printing sizes.
   6.     Colors - Try reading up on Color Psychology or ask your printers what they know about it. Check out which colors can attract or detract. There are colors that somehow change the mood of person seeing it so you might want to consider tapping that.

   7.     Text - Tell your printer how much text you are thinking of placing into your prints so that they can tell you if your content is lacking text or you are stuffing it too much.

   8.     Fonts - Choose your fonts wisely and make sure it is understandable. Ask your printer if the font you like is available and solicit their advice to know which fonts would work well.

   9.     Folds - Tell your printer what you have in mind concerning folds and again solicit their advice regarding which would work best. The amount of text also affects the folds so keep this in mind when drafting your marketing message because too many folds may not be able to accommodate long text.

   10.     Slits - What you want to be included on your marketing material is important info for your printer. Knowing this means, they will know the exact size and slit type for your prints.

   Custom commercial printing means you get to have lots of printing options. Availing of such will help you succeed in your marketing campaign. Make sure to pick the right options to get better results.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in commercial printing technologies that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Article By: Kaye Z. Marks

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