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Businesses are under constant pressure to reduce their carbon emissions and minimise energy usage. This pressure not only comes from governmental groups and lobbies but also from the rising energy costs that we all face in the modern world. By closely monitoring energy consumption and acting on the information acquired in order to create an actionable energy reduction plan, it is possible to benefit your business in a number of ways.

Some businesses naturally have a considerable demand for energy. Manufacturing plants, for example, will typically require large amounts of energy throughout the operational day. Unfortunately, electricity prices have risen dramatically over the last few years and this has directly impacted the bottom line of any business but especially those with a sizeable demand for electricity. Energy reduction plans can reduce the amount of energy used and, therefore, reduce energy spend.

A reduction in overheads like this obviously leads to improved profit potential. If your organisation has a massive energy bill every month then shaving 10% or more off the amount you spend on electricity can lead to some huge savings. The amount you could save will depend on a number of factors, including the potential changes that you make and the amount of energy you currently consume. The more energy you use, the more you could save.

There are many ways to control and reduce energy consumption but all of them have a requirement for accurate reporting. Monitoring your energy consumption is a vital step in helping to reduce it. Manual monitoring means taking regular readings at critical points from different pieces of plant machinery and from your energy feeds. With fully integrated energy management software, however, it is possible to greatly reduce the time it takes to record such information.

Saving energy and reducing energy consumption has become an integral part of many company’s operations. There are large cost savings to be made and, rather than having to rely on the use of manual monitoring techniques, your business can benefit from the use of intuitive software that not only monitors consumption but also provides regular reports and highlights areas for possible savings. provides intuitive, web based monitoring software that monitors and reports energy usage. Save money, improve efficiency, and implement improvements to your business by contacting them today.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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