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If you want to learn how to style your greeting cards in the contemporary fashion then you have come to the right place. We are going to teach you here the right steps to prepare a good looking contemporary design draft fit for that professional greeting card printer. While these are not your online animated cards, they should be the best representative of professional custom greeting cards in actual paper prints.

1. Updating the fonts – For your new birthday greeting cards, Christmas cards and other holiday greeting cards, you will want to use newer fonts if you want them to get that cool modern look. Fonts contribute a lot to the look and feel of the message being communicated in those cards.

By simply switching to newer fonts made for web 2.0 websites, your greeting card style will look more trendy and stylish. So look through some of the new fonts out there and try to make the font switch.
2. Trendier colors – Another good strategy to develop a more contemporary style for your greeting cards is to use trendier colors. Basically, what this concept has you doing is applying the brighter and more vivid colors usually in use by animated cards, or online greeting cards.

By applying those potent colors in your printed birthday cards etc. you enable them to become more visible, helping them be more competitive with other contemporary style greeting cards. So it may be your custom birthday greeting cards, or cards for other occasions, whatever the case try to use better trendier colors as its component color scheme.

3. Modern stylish graphics – Another factor to consider when you want to change your greeting cards to more stylish themes is to change the style of the graphics. When you see many of the newer printed and digital designs today, you will see that most of their graphic styles are sleeker, with a lot more smoother and curvier type elements.

Hard edges and points are now less used, in favour of more rounder and more streamlined forms. By styling all your icons and supporting graphics this way, you make your color greeting cards look more trendy and of course makes them more appealing and effective as well.
4. Dynamic level backgrounds – For the greeting card backgrounds, it will be a good idea to use dynamic backgrounds. By dynamic here, we mean that you can use textures or color gradients that have more than one color hue present in the background. These dynamic colors for greeting cards add a level of detail and texture that is present in many popular digital and printed designs today.

Using this allows your greeting cards to be on par with other modern greeting cards and personal or marketing digital prints out there. Just choose the right dynamic color schemes and your designs should match what other contemporary cards are doing out there.

5. Additional dimensions and illusions – Lastly, you can try and add additional dimensions and illusions to your modern greeting cards. By this we mean that you can simulate a third dimension and actual illusions and pop-ups to add that more solid and three dimensional appeal to your two dimensional greeting card designs. This added “gimmick” adds more distinction to your special custom cards, helping them become more effective at communicating those greetings.

Now you know the different styling techniques that you will want for your custom greeting cards. The more of these you do, the better your greeting cards should be.

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Article By: Kaitlyn Miller

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