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Creating a catalog is not really an easy task. There many important things that you need to consider even before proceeding to the printing process. However, if you manage to avoid the common pitfalls in catalog printing, you will surely earn a substantial return on investment for your efforts.

Catalogs are essential to the success of your business, especially if you are selling various products that need to be showcased in one place. To ensure that your catalog printing project goes smoothly and stress-free, watch out for these common mistakes that many people make in designing their catalogs:

Inappropriate concept for the target market.
In designing your catalog, it is important that you know what appeals to your target market. Imagine creating a catalog for business executives yet using a concept that only teenagers will appreciate. It is doubtful that you’ll be able to get through to your prospects this way. Since you probably have a good idea on the age bracket, gender, or economic background of your prospects, you already have a head start in creating an effective catalog design.
Using uninteresting images.
Keep in mind that you are investing in catalog printing in order to sell your goods. If you don’t pay attention and use pictures that hardly generate a positive impact with your readers, then it is less likely that you will hit your sales target. Make an effort to obtain the most striking photos of your products. You may want to consider hiring a professional photographer if you feel that you cannot achieve the right effect on your own.

Not putting much value on the layout.
The catalog’s layout is crucial to its readability. If you catalog has poor layout, it is unlikely that your customers will be interested in flipping through it. Keep in mind that your catalog only has a few minutes, or even seconds, to capture the readers’ attention. So make sure that you organize your catalog’s layout in way that photos, prices and product descriptions are easy to read and understand

Opting to use materials of substandard quality.
The printing materials that you choose can affect the overall appearance of your catalog, no matter how well you design the layout or how striking the photos are. Poor quality materials can result in a less impressive catalog, which can affect your customers’ interest about the products you are trying to sell to them.

Failing to include essential information.
Your goal in catalog printing is to encourage your reader to make a purchase. In order to achieve this, you must remember to include details on how they can reach you or how they can mail in their orders. So make sure that all of important contact and ordering information are easy to locate in your catalog, placing them on the cover or on the first page for convenience.
Remember these mistakes once you start to create your own catalogs. By avoiding these, you can be sure that your catalog achieves what you intend for it to do – sell your goods.

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Article By: Colleen Davis

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