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Statistics are a good way of determining and indicating whether a certain industry is flourishing or if it is going to the dogs. This goes for commercial printing as well and applies to Dallas printers, DFW printers, and practically any other commercial printing company that is still in operation today. In order to learn more about what happened with commercial printing in the past, what is happening in the present, and what is to be expected of the future, let us look at some statistics and analyze what they mean for the industry of commercial printing. Remember, though, that these are only projections based from small samples of the entire population, so whatever is in store for the future is still anybody’s guess.

To consider the entirety of commercial printing with the use of statistical figures is a daunting task so let us only consider some numbers of particular relevance. Also, the figures to be discussed are figures that only apply to the United States of America printing industry and have been taken from a few years back. Hopefully, though, these three numbers alone would be enough to give you a rough idea of the scale and reach of the commercial printing business.

Shipments. The figure for this particular aspect of the U.S. commercial printing industry is 140.7 billion dollars. In order to better appreciate the sheer magnitude of this, 140.7 billion U.S. dollars is equivalent to about 6 trillion Philppine pesos, 11 trillion Japanese yen, 1 trillion Hong Kong Dollars, 527 billion Saudi Riyals, 1.9 trillion Mexican pesos, and it doesn’t stop there. The main reason for presenting all of these conversions is to drive home the point that commercial printing deals with such a huge sum of money in only a single year, making it a definite forerunner in world industries. And even if recent trends show a decline in commercial printing success, it is still far from a failing industry.
Employment and Labor Force. In the United States alone, 909,179 people make up the labor force of commercial printing companies spread across the continent. If we add this number to the labor force of the other countries in the world, we would be looking at a pretty impressive figure as well. Just think that without the commercial printing industry, this much people will not be having jobs and will be struggling to make ends meet to a certain extent.

Establishments. The smallest figure in this list is 33,565, which describes the number of commercial printing establishments in the United States of America as of a few years ago. Without any other number to compare it to, however, we cannot conclude whether the commercial printers are multiplying through the years or are getting fewer and fewer as more of them succumb to the competition. One thing you could get from this number though is that there are indeed a lot of commercial printers in the world, and surely you would have no trouble in finding a reliable one among them all.

Dallas printers and DFW printers are only some of the printers that make up the different figures above. If there is one thing we learned from all of this, it is that commercial printing is a trade which is of great magnitude and importance, so the next time you have your publicity materials printed, make sure to give a little extra for the commercial printer you have.

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Article By: Kaitlyn Miller

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