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When you are looking for a career as your school days come to an end, you are faced with so many opportunities, so why choose an electrical engineering degree?

If you know the difference between an mv switchgear and distribution transformers, then you may be interested in turning this knowledge into a successful career opportunity. There are many open doors to electricians these days from privately owned electrical businesses working in people’s homes and offices to the larger and more risky positions working for power plants throughout the UK.

Once qualified this type of career path can be a very rewarding one, you not only get to meet new people every day, but every day is varied and different, you are faced with new challenges and new exiting problems to solve. There will always be a need for electricians so opening your own business and operating within a specified area to your home is so easy to do, unlike with many of the other career choices available once you finish your studies.
This Position is Always in Demand

Construction sites, power plants and private homes will always have a need for electricity work to be carried out. This gives many school leavers and opportunity to join a secure working environment that you know will always be in demand.

There are a few ways you can obtain your degree; the first is to attend a university. Here you will get the theoretical knowledge you need to pursue the career. Enjoy the experience of learning about transformers, switchgears, voltages and more. These are full time courses and are offered at universities throughout the country.

Valuable Working Experience
You can choose to attend a college where you will receive a good electrical engineering degree, a good idea is to find an electrical contractor who is willing to take you under his wing offering you valuable working experience while you study, giving you the chance to put all the theory you are learning into practice. While you are learning you can’t expect a generous salary, but you will be experiencing the work first hand, giving you the insightful knowledge you need moving forward.
Distribution transformers are usually liquid cooled and are available in various voltages for all types of applications.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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