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   Computer Aided Drawings are nowadays used to design, develop and optimize various types of products, which are used by end customers. With the help of detailed engineering, product development expenses are reduced and design cycle is shortened to a great extent. CAD drawings depend on design specifications and measurement, which must be accurate. To store or edit designs digitally, AutoCAD software is used by organizations offering CAD drawing services. Scanned faxed or any type of manual plans can be converted to AutoCAD files. It is also possible to make conversion from raster graphics to vector graphics. Owing to the popularity of CAD services, many entrepreneurs have entered this sector. Entrepreneurs from the western world prefer to outsource their CAD projects to Indian companies as by doing this they can save huge amount of capital. By CAD outsourcing, companies can expect quality work from these companies.

   In the field of architectural and structural engineering, CAD is becoming popular as maximum accuracy can be attained by this process. CAD drawing services are availed by engineering, constructional and automobile companies. For drafting, modeling and rendering purposes, CAD is used. By using CAD technology, fast and accurate drawings can be created and it also provides flexibility in the drawing process. CAD outsourcing companies use various types of packages and software tools such as Pro-E, ADT, Inventor 9, Solid Edge 16 and CAP Architect. CAD software includes different types of templates and symbols, which helps in program creation. The professional of CAD outsourcing company have working knowledge of these software. They understand the needs of the clients and provide solutions accordingly.

CAD is used in most of the manufacturing process, starting from creating engineering drawings to 2D and 3D modeling. From assembly layout, design data, sketches, CAD professionals can create CAD drawings. These drawings are far more superior to manual drawings as a result of which CAD drawing services are becoming popular. With the use of CAD conversion technology, engineering drawings can perfect digitization. Further, these drawings can be saved in the computer hard disk and also be sent via mail to engineers and architects. Through unmatched 2D and 3D capabilities, CAD outsourcing companies develop reliable, profitable and accurate architectural and structural design solutions. Outsourcing CAD services to offshore locations provides companies with numerous advantages and it is a practical business decision.
   Increased productivity, less errors, lower overhead cost and quicker turn around time are some of the benefits of CAD outsourcing. Compared to manual drafting, multiple drawings can be created using CAD. Manual drawings are not free from errors as a result of which the final product is not faultless. However, there is no scope of any kind of errors in computerized drawings. Using 3D modeling, designers can visualize the design the possibility of errors is minimized. By digitalization and 3D modeling, quick revisions can be done before the construction or fabrication works. Considering these benefits, CAD drawing services have gained immense popularity in the recent years. When a CAD project is outsourced, there is no requirement to invest in infrastructure, CAD software and training of workforce.

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