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Demand for business data from The Data Octopus is growing. When you consider the value of good quality business data, this is understandable.

In this context, the term business data means marketing data.

There are millions of firms out there all of whom need a huge array of products and services. However, within each firm there will be a specific person responsible for buying each product or service. It is this person that you need to target with your marketing.
Sending out mail shots or e-mails to the head office is an extremely ineffective way of marketing any product or service. However, a surprising number of firms still take this approach. They are usually doing so because they have no choice. Whilst they have the address of the company, they rarely have details of the specific person within a company who has the authority and budget to actually buy the products and services that they offer. Most of these marketing efforts end up in the bin or in the trash file. In most cases, you are throwing away money.

What Business Data from The Data Octopus Can Do for a Business

Luckily, there are data companies within the UK who have pulled together the relevant contact details from companies. They provide a service to other businesses who want to sell specific products and services. Effectively, they sell the contact details on.

However, the best companies go one-step further and help firms to manage that data effectively. They cleanse the list, before they hand it out, of any duplicate data or defunct data. In addition, they offer the data maintenance service to ensure that the original database is continuously updated.
Firms that buy their business data from The Data Octopus get a very high level of support indeed. The data is always fresh and up-to-date and the data octopus offers advice on maintaining it in this state. They can also offer advice about interrogating the database to get the most out of it. Knowing which companies to target with which kinds of marketing can make any marketing campaign far more effective.

Let The Data Octopus provide you with the business data you need to grow your business. Go to to find out more.

Article By: William Pollard

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