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Suits have always been the epitome of smart, successful and sophisticated men for many generations. However, not all suits are made equal to the expectations of such an epitome of the attractive modern man. Fortunately, the limitations of off-the-rack suits are offset by the desirable benefits of custom suits.

Be Appreciative of the Benefits

As the name implies, a custom suit is made according to the specific measurements of the wearer's body. Such quest for perfection in a business suit has engendered many benefits for buying customs suits. You will love that the suit highlights your assets while hiding your flaws in the body, thus, boosting your self-confidence even in a room full of beautiful women.
You also have 100-percent involvement in the design of the suit from the choice of fabric, the number of pockets and all the other small details that make a big difference. A custom suit, undoubtedly, screams your unique personality.

Be Ready to Use Appropriately

But just because you have the custom suit does not necessarily mean that you can wear it in any way, anywhere and anytime. You must do justice to the outstanding craftsmanship behind the custom suit and here's how to do it:

- Pair the suit with the right accessories. Go for high-quality fitted shirt, tie and linen pocket square as well as cufflinks and watch. Wear a nice pair of dress shoes, too.
- Be sure that you are presentable. Take a bath, shave and apply cologne.
- Wear the suit to the appropriate occasions. You want to stand out in a good way.
Most important, be understated. Ostentatious displays of wealth are as tacky as announcing to all and sundry that your suit is custom-made. Let the people around you judge for themselves and be impressed.

Be Knowledgeable of the Suits

When buying custom suits, you should also be knowledgeable about what looks good on your body. This way, you can work with your tailor about the best measurements to highlight your assets as well as to conform to the classic style of the business suits. Here are a few of the most important guidelines in this regard:

- Jackets are the first impression where suits are concerned so be sure to choose the right one for your body type. For example, double-breasted jackets make for a slimmer look. Single-breasted jackets are more common but you must not go beyond the three-button rule for a great jacket. The suit jacket must cover the posterior with 1/2-inch to spare.
- Two and three-piece suits are always better than going for separates so as to achieve a unified look, in a manner of speaking.
- Shoulders can be either padded or natural. Go for the line of your body lest you look like a 1980s gangster with the layers of shoulder pads on your jacket.
- The collar and lapels should lie flat instead of puckering outward. The sleeves must fall in a straight line over your shoulders.
- The trousers must fall straight with no wrinkles, no tugging in the crotch and no pulling over the belly. The pants' inseam should also break slightly on the show but there must be no bunching around the ankles.

The money spent on a custom suit is well worth it when you look and feel great in your outfit.

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Article By: Mike Hendsbee

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