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What is embossing powder?

Used to create some traditional yet forward- thinking design projects like occasion invitations, certificates, scrapbooks and photograph albums; embossing powder has been used for many year and it remains a popular method of improving the aesthetic appeal of an otherwise, mundane functional item of paper craft.

Embossing powder can be sought from anywhere that sells art and craft supplies and comes available in a number of jar sizes from small to large, with screw lids. Embossing powder is a fast- melting substance that can be used to create a raised effect. To emboss per se, embossing powder must be heating using a specialised heat gun, which can also be purchased from a similar supplier of hobby craft supplies.
How to use embossing powder:

Using embossing powders are just one of many techniques initiated when making cards for fun and embossing powders are an essential item found in every scapbooker’s toolkit.

To use embossing powder safely and efficiently (that is to limit wastage), it is advisable to wipe the blank area with an anti- static bag. Once the area is prepared, you should ink your stamp with a clear colour or one that will match your chosen embossing powder.

Press the stamp firmly onto the card and make sure the entire stamp is equally pressed in to create a seamless image.
Lift the stamp and sprinkle over the embossing powder. Gently tap away the excess embossing powder and ensure it is evenly distributed before using a heat gun to melt the remaining embossing powder; this should take a minute or so.

Step back and enjoy!

Where can you get embossing powder online?

The best, most reliable and cost-effective suppliers of embossing powder worldwide is they have a massive selection of opaque, pastel, fluorescent and glow-in-the-dark embossing powders and embossing glitter; all affordable and delivered at breakneck speed. Visit them today!
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Article By: Tommy Wayne

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