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It is often the case that companies who require office space in a particular area will have very specific requirements. This can vary among a great many different services rendered by the serviced office provider including great links to transport infrastructure, professional telephone services, as well as good areas of safe and secure parking. However, one surprising aspect of how serviced offices, and business centres in particular, are run is the concept of the owner also having a presence and investment in the building. An owner operated business centre can have significant psychological effects with specific regard to reachability.

Many large companies who offer London office space, for instance, may actually be based on the other side of the country. However, if they have a presence in the property it increases their stakes as well. This can mean that there is a greater urgency and dedication to the success of the entire service which includes every business that is renting within the property as well. It may result in a greater level of consistency among the staff as well as dedication to the building and its upkeep. The entire community can be entirely different as well, since a greater premium is placed on the continuing investment of other businesses. Having a problem solved by people for whom it is also an issue provides a much higher likelihood that it will be solved very quickly.

Of course, not every business can have a presence in every office they own. When it comes to office space London has many options, but what must be expected by clients is a service as close to an owner-operated environment as is possible. This may include having some staff on site, or having a dedicated department to deal with the needs of clients.

Article By: Michael Rosen

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