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Initially, social media was a tool for the promotion of the elites. However, as time passed and it gained expansion and recognition, almost everyone started to show interest in it and now almost everyone has a social media account. Many of the small business owners are using social media as an effective tool for the marketing of their products and services. You can find runners of the same background and goals there too. It must be said that social networking can bring up an interactive factor that will prove to be really beneficial for you.
There was a time when training was gained through traditional learning delivery channels both virtually and physically. The whole learning management system used to revolve on the online trainings and the on–job trainings. But now, time has been changed as technology has influenced our lives to a great extent. Today, we hear of the channels such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more.
Though we all realize the importance of social media exposure but there are many people who question that why should they be trained in social media? Here are few of the reasons or you can say benefits of being trained in Social Media:
•     Social Media is a platform where one can do informal learning.
•     It is the best platform for improving productivity. Moreover, it is available as and when needed.
•     Less time is taken for training because information is managed in an effective as well as efficient way.
•     Questions and queries are responded promptly on social media. Even if your problem is quite technical, you can still get a precise solution to it here. There are more perspectives for the contributors to offer on the social media.
•     One of the best advantages is that most of the social media platforms are free.
•     Social media also offers are platform where the users can interact and develop a better shared understanding. This can make the learners learn before as well as after the learning events.
•     A marketer can also get other trainings on social media.
A great thing about the social media training is that it promotes competition. Runners with the similar abilities are motivated to compete by working on their full potentials. It is obvious that when you will find a person on the web that is doing the same business as yours and having the same abilities, then you will struggle more in order to excel. It is hard for one to do the same kind of effort when there is not much severe competition. This is a psychological factor that influences all of us. But when one finds a competitor then one does not see any boundaries.
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