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   Are your color postcards really fit for marketing? Let me help you find out! Here is the analysis you should do to accurately assess if what you are doing is marketing worthy.

   We will cover aspects of postcard printing, deployment and development here, so read closely and understand. Once you do all these checks, you should know quite well if you need to improve or not for marketing.

   1.     Check if your marketing message is clear – The first check you must do is to determine if your marketing message is clear in the cover. As you might imagine, the limited space will force designers and writers to compose something short for the marketing message. This means that you will have to be short, but very clear with what you are saying with these marketing postcards. This can be tricky but it is important, so you should really check if the marketing message is getting across completely without making it too long.
   2.     Check if your cover can pop up against other commercial mail – Another important thing to do is to check out if they indeed stand out. It is important to pop up against other commercial mail that people get. The more they stand out the less likely they will be thrown out with other junk type mails. Their colors, quality and overall appearance should be very eye catching to anyone’s eyes. So make sure this is done in your prints.

   3.     Triple check your design and content for errors – Of course, an important thing to is to triple check the design and content for any gross errors. It must be done thrice simply because in most cases one or two inspections can still yield some minor errors that may be passed on to the postcard printer. Having perfect design and content, yields better results, of course. Triple check your custom postcards all the time to make sure they have the most accurate content and the best clean design as possible.

   4.     Get sample feedback from as many other colleagues as possible – You should also think about getting some sample feedback from as many other colleagues as possible. This allows you to have other people checking on your output and of course acquire that different view and opinion that might help you improve your prints and make it ideal for marketing. So try to get some sample feedback from as many other colleagues as possible.

   5.     See if you do indeed have a good marketing mailing list – Finally, the ultimate success lies in your mailing list. If you want to make sure of your success in marketing, you should review your mailing list and determine if it has the important target people you need that are highly responsive to your specific marketing message. Having a more specific and targeted mailing list will result to more successful marketing.
   Now you know how to find out if your postcards are fit for marketing. Just go through the list above one more time so that you can apply these properly.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in print postcards and postcard printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Article By: Kaye Z. Marks

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