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Marketing and advertising is important for any kind of business, from the smallest micro business through to giant multi-nationals. Of course many smaller companies are working on a tight budget. They have to be imaginative and creative to come up with effective ways to advertise their product or service with whatever money they have.

Advertising banners can play a big role in marketing for a small outfit, be it a shop, a garage or something similar. No matter what kind of business people are running there is always passing trade and banners and signs are a way to catch their eye with an offer.

It's amazing just how effective advertising banners can be. When people are hurrying past they don't always notice that new cafe or that special offer on a MOT for example. Good banners are memorable and eye catching. They encourage people to stop and come inside.
Life is tough for many small businesses at the moment. The marketing budget is being squeezed harder than ever. It's something of a catch 22 situation. Less marketing equals fewer sales, but there really isn't much money to spend. Not to worry. Cheap banners are the solution. This doesn't have to be an expensive form of advertising and promotion. Prices start from as little as £79.95 thanks to suppliers like Express Banners Ltd.

Thanks to cheap banners businesses can reach out to new customers and improve their levels of passing trade even on a tiny budget. Businesses should never underestimate the power of signs and banners. Failing to advertise this way is definitely missing a trick.

Every pound of marketing spend needs to generate a return right now. Just a small investment in new signs and banners can pay itself back in a big way. Just talk to Express Banners about how they can help.

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Article By: James Dacanay

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