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   Successful flyers are all marked with specific and effective core design values. These values make them very convincing and potent to readers.

   If your flyer printing is not producing those kinds of results in your own marketing efforts, then probably you are lacking in some of those core design values. Let me help you figure out what design value is missing. Below, you will see all the significant core design values a color flyer needs to be powerfully successful at its job. See if you are lacking some of these characteristics.

   1.     Attractive color scheme – Successful outputs will always have attractive color schemes. This is how they can be noticed immediately as they are passed around by people or left for pickup in tables and counters. The better and brighter the colors, the more effective they are at actually being picked up and read. Having an attractive color scheme is a core design value you must always consider.

   2.     The catchy tagline – Another important core design value that successful flyers always have is a catchy tagline. Taglines, slogans and special titles all contribute to the overall impression of a reader. The more catchy and memorable it is, the more likely that those readers will respond to the message within. Moreover, this can add extra buzz to your marketing campaign, making it more popular locally. So make sure that you try to compose the best and most catchy tagline that you can manage in your own custom flyers. One of the important core design values you should never ignore is this, to determine the real success and failure of your marketing campaign.

   3.     Tempting image – Part of the important core design elements are tempting images. While words can sometimes be enough, the best ones have very powerful, tempting and attractive images that invoke intense emotions upon readers. If you are marketing or advertising something, you should always out in the best and most tempting image within the layout. With the right full color and high quality photographs and graphics, you can almost already guarantee success in your marketing campaign.

   4.     Cost effective and balanced size – It is also a key trait to have cost effective and balanced sizes. When marketers compose their prints, the key core design value is cost effectiveness through size. They print flyers that are not too big that it wastes money and are not too small that they only contain little information. Therefore, it is important for you as well to find the right balance of size for your campaign to be cost effective and practical in the long run.

    5.     Quality printing – Lastly, almost all successful campaigns always invest in quality printing processes. Investing in good paper materials, high quality inks and expert flyer prints all come together in creating very impressive outputs. The best designs will not really come to anything if quality materials do not back them up. That is why high quality printing is a core design value.
   Great! Hopefully you have learned a lot about the core design values in printing here. Use these tips to help you succeed with your own in the future.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in color flyers and flyer printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Article By: Kaye Z. Marks

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