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   If you are just new to flyer printing, you had better know how to write marketing messages in it properly. Yes, writing is not as simple as you think.

   If you want to actually make money and succeed, you should learn how to write for it properly. Luckily, for you, we have here five simple tips that beginners must know. These things should give you a good foundation and ultimately help you succeed in your marketing content.

   1.     Keep things light and short – Nobody likes to read a novel within a color flyer. Most people typically stay away from those prints that have very long and high-density content like that. You must always remember to keep things light and short with your marketing flyers. Never get too carried away with your examples and details, and of course do not ramble or insert other unnecessary information. Try to be on point as much as possible so that people can read your message quicker and better.
   2.     List down details – A good trick for your material to be read more easily is to list down details. Lists help a lot in memorization and people will typically have a better time reading those with details in a list or in bullet points. If it is at all possible with your marketing message, you should convert it to a list. Believe me, the responses will typically better since people will be able to understand and remember them more effectively.

   3.     Know what your readers want to hear – Another important pointer when it comes to writing is that you should know what your readers want to hear or read about. By dealing with a topic of real value to your readers, you can engage them easily. This allows you to draw them into reading your WHOLE flyer where your real marketing message is. So try to always deliver those topic elements that are close to the hearts of readers. This will be your marketing hook that should give you more readers and responders.

   4.     Repeat certain key power words for reinforcement – Using power words are a key strategy to a success. If you repeat them several times around your flyer print, you can actually reinforce the concept and get people to read because of those words. For example, emphasizing the word FREE and CHEAP in different parts will net you more readers that are concerned with lesser costs on products and services. The same is true if you use other concepts and related keywords. If it is workable for your specific design, you might want to repeat the important keywords that relate to your message. Repeat and emphasizing these words will get the readers you want more easily.

   5.     Always have short instructions for responses – Finally, your marketing materials of course always have specific instructions printed on them on how to respond to their marketing message. In your case, you should always have short and easy to follow instructions in your content for people (more specifically you readers) to respond to you. The shorter and simpler those instructions are the better since your readers will go for more information faster. So make sure that you always check up on your prints and review that invitation to action.
These should give you a great start in marketing campaign.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in print flyers and flyer printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Article By: Kaye Z. Marks

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