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   Let us try to assess if you did your flyer printing and design right. It is always important to assess your custom flyers before and after printing so that you can always improve upon them on future batches.

   To make it easier for you to assess, here are the five assessment questions that you should ask yourself. Just ask yourself these questions and quickly determine if there is a need for improvement and adjustment.

   1.     Are your flyers made of the right quality materials? – Printing quality is one of the most important assessment points. You must always make sure that your prints are tough enough to survive the environments that they will be deployed in. This means that your prints should be reasonably thick or heavy so that they are not torn or folded easily. Check if your options include special moisture and dirt resistant coatings that protects the print from deterioration. The better the options for toughness and protection, the better your color flyers should be. So spend the most that you can on the right quality materials.
    2.     Are your prints printed in full color? – Next question to ask yourself is about the colors. While using single color printing is forgivable in this day and age, the mandatory choice should always be full color. If your own copies were printed in full color with full color graphics, then your prints pass the professional assessment. Otherwise, if you used single color black prints, or some other single color inks, then your custom flyers are still in amateur land so to speak. So if you are aiming for real professional flyers, go for full color printing.

   3.     Does your graphics catch attention? – The next stop in assessment revolves around graphics. A good copy has graphics that are not only rendered in high quality, but also highly visible. They must catch people’s attention even from far away so that the people can quickly become interested and pick them up. You must assess your own graphics if they are indeed highly visible. Try to test it out with a few sample audiences and colleagues and see if they can notice early on with its flashy graphics. If your prints do not happen to hook people immediately then it is back to the drawing board.

   4.     Does your headline catch attention? – Of course, the headline should also pass assessment. Just like with the images, the headline should always easily catch the attention of people. This means that your own headlines should have a few key words and phrases that always get people to look. Words like FREE, DISCOUNT, DISCOVER and MONEY are just a few great examples of things you can put into your headline. These are always highly visible and have a high impact on readers. If you do not have these on your headline, then it is necessary to try to integrate some of these types of words into them.

   5.     Does your message engage and call readers to action? – Finally, you should ask yourself if your message engage readers and convinces them to do something or act on something. The best flyers should always connect to readers so that the message becomes more personal. They must identify with the issue being discussed and of course, they must be totally convinced that the solution stated is something they must do to help themselves. If yours does not have this kind of message setup, then it will be hard for it to truly connect with its market and succeed at getting results. So make sure that your own outputs can engage readers and convince them to act effectively.
Now try all these out in your printing project? How do yours measure out?

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in print flyers and flyer printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising ca

Article By: Kaye Z. Marks

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