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There is often a big disparity between what people sell a car for and what that car is actually worth. There are many reasons for this, but ultimately, many people simply advertise their cars at the wrong price or in the wrong places and, as such, find that they get far less than they should.

It may seem odd that the places where you advertise your cay could affect car value, but different cars appeal very differently to different people. As such, if you are only seeing people with little interest in your make and model making you offers, then you are likely to assume that the car has a far lower car value than it really does and in turn you are likely to take one of these very low offers.

This means that finding out who your target demographic for a car is will be as important as using a car value guide to find out exactly what it is worth. There are plenty of online sites that will give you very accurate information on exactly what you can expect to get for your car and, as such, if you are not getting the right sort of interest at that price, then it is likely to be worth trying elsewhere rather than accepting a much lower offer.
It is worth remembering that, no matter how much you advertise a car for, those looking to buy the car will always try to knock you down, so if you advertise it below value, you are going to end up losing even more money.

Some car value guide sites will also give you pointers on where best to sell your own car, but even when they don’t, there will be plenty of information elsewhere online to help you make the right decisions and truly get what you deserve for your own unique car.

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