What is a Tipper?

Automotive Trucks What is a Tipper?

A tipper is a sub-category of trucks. It is normally used for dumping the material from a place to another and that is the reason why in many countries it is also called Dumper.

Initially the usage of a tipper was just to dump things but with the introduction of new technology, these trucks are now used for different application in commercial vehicle category.

The use of Tippers allows the material to get unloaded pneumatically and no man-handling is required. In normal conditions, they are used for short distances. The engine power allows a tipper to climb on rough terrains with a better grip on the ground.
Now-a-days these vehicles are much more advanced technologically as compared to the past. There are various applications where tippers are used.

Tippers play a great role in infrastructure advancement of a country as they are now used in various infrastructural projects like roads, dams, power plants etc. Especially in road projects, there is a heavy amount of earth moving which creates layers on the ground and gradually earth gets deeper, tipper helps a lot in such conditions because they have better engine power and pulling capacity, so they are more suitable for this kind of operations.

In applications like coal & mining multi-axle vehicles are used. Tippers are also available in multi-axle configuration to meet the requirement of such application, so this also indicates how better the tippers are getting as the time is going-by. Tippers are best suitable for Construction, Crusher-outbound, stones, sand, land filling and surface transportation of coal. Tippers are new range of value enhanced, fuel efficient heavy duty trucks.

The current market for tippers in India is around 1.5L units according to the industry manufacturers and it is increasing at a good pace, which indicates the future potential of the market for Tippers.
About Tippers:

Eicher Terra 25 is a 25 Ton GVW construction Tipper.Eicher Tippers are best suitable for Construction, Crusher-outbound, stones, sand, etc

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