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Buying a new car can be problematic. Firstly, thereís the decision about which make and model is right for your needs. Then once youíve decided on a model, you need to choose the trim level, colour and any additional extras. While many motorists enjoy choosing the features and gadgets that their new car will have, choosing the wrong extras can affect how much the car resells for. As a general rule of thumb, extras depreciate faster than the car, so choosing that satellite navigation system will cost a lot to add on when you buy the car, but youíre unlikely to add much value to the car when you come to sell it. Furthermore, motorists buying used cars often donít realise the features havenít come as standard, so buying them can prove to be a complete waste of money.

If you are going for a standard car, avoid lavish options. Something like a Vauxhall Astra or a Ford Fiesta is not going to be much more attractive to buyers if it has leather seats, a satellite navigation system or electric rear windows. Buying these extras at the time of purchase, could set you back up to a further £1000, but you are unlikely to make this money back when you come to sell the car on. Sensible extras to choose include air conditioning, which is always a sought after feature amongst buyers of any model and will boost your carís value against others without air conditioning. In addition, metallic paint is worth choosing if you go for a sensible colour. Alternatively, if you do not wish to add metallic paint, then flat black is always a safe colour to go for.

Conversely, when buying a new executive car, if you choose not to add extra features it could cost you dearly when you come to sell the car. Buyers and dealers will not look favourably upon a premium car without metallic paint and leather seats, as these features are considered Ďstandardí amongst this type of car. By choosing extra features on a premium model you are more likely to sell your car whether itís a used Mercedes E Class or used Audi A5. London buyers in particular will usually look for extra features on a used premium car, and with plenty of choice in the used car market, buyers will always shop around and go for the best deal they find.
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