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   A suspension problem is often overlooked until it becomes a potentially dangerous and costly issue. You can avoid these problems by visiting your local San Pedro suspension and automotive service center on a regular basis.

   The two basic components of your carís suspension system are the springs and the shock absorbers. As you probably know, the purpose of your suspension system is to keep your carís wheels in regular contact with the road for traction and to absorb bumps, vibrations, and noise as you drive.

   If you havenít had your suspension inspected recently or you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, bring your car to the San Pedro suspension experts for:

   Abnormal bouncing, which typically means your shocks are leaking, cracked, or have other damages.

   Swaying when you turn corners or excessive bouncing when braking.

   Uneven tire wear, which often means you have worn-out shocks and struts. You can feel this yourself by running your hand over your tires. If they donít feel smooth, itís another reason to have a San Pedro suspension inspection.

   Taking longer than usual to stop when applying the brake.
   Vibrations in the steering wheel or any problem steering the car.

   Your car feeling like a boat on the water when driving on rough roads or at highway speeds. This is a sure sign that your suspension system is in need of a check-up by the San Pedro suspension specialists. 

   Feeling like your car leans too much when driving onto exit ramps.

   If any of these symptoms sound and feel familiar, your suspension system needs to be inspected and repaired soon by the San Pedro suspension technicians. They are easily diagnosed and fixed by professionals, and can prevent an accident and extensive repairs.

   When it comes to your vehicle, being mindful of its handling and taking action when necessary is critical to you and your familyís safety. As always, the San Pedro suspension and automotive repair pros offer a free 40-point inspection of all of your carís major systems.

   This regular 40-point inspection detects a potential problem before it becomes a real problem. From suspension to alignment to engine issues, you can trust the San Pedro automotive center to take care of your car and ensure your safety on the road.

   Are you experiencing suspension or other automotive problems? If so, bring your car to the San Pedro suspension and service center for a comprehensive inspection. Just visit or call 310.831.2888 to make an appointment today.

Article By: Mitch Harmatz

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