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The Mazda CX5 is an exciting new addition to the Mazda car range. This impressive vehicle is an attractive combination of SUV style with the ease of driving and practicality of a more traditional family car. This new form factor is growing in popularity due to the desire for a car that stands out from standard models, yet avoids the downside of owning a large SUV; namely that these vehicles can be unsuitable for regular urban driving and make parking in confined spaces tricky. The new Mazda CX5 neatly avoids all of these problems by taking some of the best features of a full size SUV and compressing them into a very neat package that can easily be driven around the busiest of town centres.

The Mazda CX5 is a new addition to the Japanese manufacturer’s range for 2012. Not only does it provide a whole new concept for Mazda, combining the chunky style of a full SUV with the convenience of a normal car, but it also provides plenty of other options to cater for the widest range of potential buyers possible. Most importantly, the Mazda CX5 is available with a choice of both diesel and petrol engines, so buyers can make their own minds up about which they prefer. The car is also available with differing levels of trim for people who place a higher priority on extra detailing. Buyers of Mazda cars in York will be happy to know that new Mazda CX5 York can easily be found at the Turnbulls car dealership, a registered Mazda dealer that serves the entire county of Yorkshire.

Apart from new Mazda CX5 York, Turnbulls also provide all of the other popular models offered by this Japanese car manufacturer. The entire range can be found on display and of course test drives can be arranged for interested customers.
Potential buyers of new Mazda CX5 York dealership Turnbulls have in stock will be interested to learn that the car employs the brand new Skyactiv technology from Mazda, a range of improvements currently being rolled out that improves the safety, environmental impact and drivability of Mazda cars, including the CX5. Aerodynamic efficiency, high performance engines and a highly stable drive make for a car that is as reliable and practical as it is fun to drive.

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