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The new CX5 is a crossover vehicle. This is a simple concept that has gained much popularity in recent years, following the great increase in interest in SUV type vehicles. Perhaps the most significant problem with SUV's is that they are often not the most practical choice for the majority of people who live in urban settings and have to deal with traffic jams, narrow roads and parking spaces that are simply not designed to fit large four by four vehicles. The solution is the crossover, which is simply an SUV that has been downsized. Generally, these cars feature a design that has been tailored in other ways to suit the needs of regular drivers; for example, a more car-like driving position. However, anyone who is craving a driving experience that is still different from the ordinary car will be happy to know that the CX5 has a higher ride and broader base than most ‘normal’ cars, offering a better vantage point to view the road ahead and greatly enhanced visibility.

Available from spring 2012, the new Mazda CX5 Warrington SUV fans have been waiting for will be making an appearance in Warrington-Mazda’s showroom in the town. This well respected dealership stocks the full range of Mazda vehicles, along with comprehensive Mazda approved care services. This is also the easiest place to contact in order to arrange a test drive in the new Mazda CX5 Warrington-Mazda sales staff will be happy to make an appointment at a time convenient to you.

The CX5 is a new model for 2012 and as is to be expected for a new car from a company with the pedigree of Mazda, the CX5 does not skimp on new and innovative features. Foremost among them are greatly improved engine designs, both diesel and petrol versions being available. They offer substantially lower emissions, while also achieving some of the best performance figures recorded in a crossover SUV. This is thanks to an improvement in design that allows for increased compression ratios. This results in fuel being burned more efficiently and therefore more energy being extracted for every cubic centimetre of fuel that enters the engine. This improved efficiency in turn means that there is a measurable improvement in both performance and fuel consumption. Running costs for the CX5 will be much lower than with a more traditional SUV. If you live in the Warrington area and are in the market for an SUV, the new Mazda CX5 Warrington-Mazda have in their showroom is just waiting to be taken for a test drive.

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