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Have you ever thought of buying a new car? Getting a vehicle is usually the 2nd most important investment in your life next to buying a house. You might know which car or van or even a truck, you want and the color has to be unique. Putting more designs and modifications to further enhance the look and feel is mainly based on one’s budget.

The deciding factor lies in finding a good new car loan. You don’t need to have much research to find that dream car, but you will need to dig deeper to find the finances to get what you want.

My whole life, I had always wanted to buy a PT Cruiser. That is my favorite automobile of all time! It might be the advertisements and promotions, but I day I saw this great little vehicle, I knew I had to have one. I started looking into various ways to finance the Cruiser and found a few surprises in getting a new car loan. To my relief, these surprises were pleasant.

The first discovery I made was finding out that getting the finance to buying a brand new vehicle is much easier compared to getting a second hand car. I was thumbing through the used car catalog when the salesman came over in a few minutes asking me what I was looking for. Naturally I pointed to the PT Cruiser on the catalog I was browsing. Next I mentioned I wanted to take a loan for it and I’ll be glad if he could advice accordingly. He explains that if I’m to take a loan, I should be getting a brand new PT Cruiser instead of a second one.

A shocking look came upon my face. Questioning back, the salesperson continues to explain that it is actually easier to get a new car loan than it is to get a loan for a used vehicle.

Well, now it makes sense. Thought cars that come right off the showroom floor make them more expensive, one would think that a new car loan would be more difficult to get. However second hand cars are much more difficult to finance because usually the previous owner wouldn’t let them go at a lower price of the buyer.

Say if you buy a second vehicle, the bank has less collateral. In that sense, you get less for the value for the same amount of cash, with the extra middleman of the previous owner, you are in for some headache. Thus a new car loan insures that the lender will get a newer, and more valuable automobile if the loan goes into default.
Now, after one has experienced these things, perfect situations are usually not as peaceful as they seem. Nothing is cooler to getting on to a new car with 000000000 on the odometer. Getting that new car loan is going to get us all pumped up to put that first mile on the odometer. However, many of us know that vehicles’ value depreciates the moment you drive it off the pavement of the showroom floor. And it can drop as much as 30%! That is just the beginning. The largest depreciation occurs for the first two years of the car’s life.

To find out what else you could have done to about getting a new car loan if you are in my situation, pay a short visit to this website today!

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