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The Lookers Jaguar dealerships in West London and Chelmsford put a high premium on Jaguar servicing. The servicing of Jaguars by their highly skilled technicians ensures that these world-renowned vehicles remain safe and roadworthy. For those cars which must undergo annual MOT testing, Jaguar servicing at the Lookers Jaguar dealerships is essential.

Periodic servicing is essential if these cars are to remain in the very best condition. However, many drivers may be out off by the cost. Jaguar servicing helps people avoid being faced with large bills through its service plans. They allow Jaguar drivers to split the cost into easy monthly payments which put no strain at all on their pockets.

Lookers Jaguar also makes booking Jaguar servicing very easy. Booking or making a car service enquiry can be done completely hassle-free online on the Jaguar servicing webpage.
The online ‘Jaguar Servicing Booking Enquiry’ form could hardly be easier to complete. It is simply a case of the car owner entering a name, email address, telephone number and address as well as the make and model of the vehicle. The type of Jaguar service required also needs to be entered on the form. The ‘Preferred Dealership’ option allows Jaguar owners to choose the most convenient place to have the vehicle serviced. The places listed are Chelmsford Jaguar and West London Jaguar. By booking online the customer can also choose a preferred date to have the servicing done.

This online form means that customers do not have to visit the Chelmsford or West London dealerships in person in order to make a booking. Alternatively they can make a booking over the telephone. The dealerships’ numbers are listed on the website. Customers can also press the ‘Request a Call Back’ tab on the same page. This option flashes up another enquiry form where customers can input their name and contact details as well as the enquiry. The dealership will return the call at the earliest opportunity. For those who need to visit the Jaguar servicing centres at Chelmsford or West London the opening times also appear on the Lookers Jaguar website.

Customers can also rest assured that any parts that have to be fitted during servicing are genuine Jaguar parts. This ensures that the high quality of Jaguar engineering is maintained.

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