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The used car market continues to grow and, as with increased inflation in the form of higher house rentals, school fees and food prices, the demand for good quality used cars is likely to become an increasingly attractive proposition for many people who would have bought brand new vehicles in the past.

If you buy for the first time a used car, you need some tips. You may buy it from a dealer or from a private seller. Dealerships are usually a safer choice because they offer you a guarantee on what they sell. The disadvantage is that a dealer may offer a higher price than a private seller.

A dealer should provide to the seller a buyer’s guide, which must contain the following information:- The car has a warranty or not- How much of the repair costs the warranty covers- The major systems on the car to look out for- Reminders to have the car inspected by an independent mechanic
It is recommended not to buy a used car as it is, if you don’t trust the seller and you don’t a CARFAX Report.

Irrespective of the way of purchasing the car, you have to know who the owner was or who the owners were, why the previous owner wants to sell it. Besides, you have to know what was it being used for and if it has been in any accidents. In addition, you have to know what problems it has had in the past and when it got a tune-up for the last time.

You should read a car history report, but most of the times this report is not reliable. You should ask a good mechanic if there is a proof of an accident.

Obviously, you should know the particular model you are interested in. You may give the car an overall inspection yourself, or a person who is familiarized with cars. Check the doors first as they mustn’t be flush with the body, and check as well curious patches of paint. If you smell mildew, somewhere inside there is a sign of water damage.
When you close the deal, make sure to get all the promises in writing. Warranty information shouldn’t be omitted. If you buy the car from a dealer, don’t lose your buyer’s guide, for future reference.

Remember, your used car won’t have the shiny appearance of a brand new one. This can be fixed with paint and restoration, if it is in good running condition. Even a good wax job can return the shine. Don’t forget the headlights when you are restoring the exterior finish.

There is a great product called New Lite Headlight Cleaner and Restorer that returns headlights to their original condition. Cloudy headlights are a safety concern, as they won’t work as well.

Take the automobile on the roads you typically travel to get a feel for how it will handle under your normal driving conditions.

My last bit of advice is to go to Kelly Blue Book's website, to estimate the used car's value. Happy Car Hunting!

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