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Once you have made your investment in a car itís worth making sure you do everything you can to prolong the life and make sure you get some excellent value for money. Buying affordable new tyres in Stourbridge is one of the ways to ensure your car stays safe to drive and in good legal condition.

If you have invested in a new car, or wish to look after your old one more carefully these ten tips on car maintenance will help. Read on for some more ideas on how to maintain your car so it will last you and your family for years, without costing a fortune on spares and repairs.

Top Ten Car Maintenance Tips
1. Choose one type of oil and stick with it, and remember to change the oil and the filter on a regular basis.

2. Find one place to have your car serviced and use them to ensure the car is known and looked after using the same parts and brands.

3. Form a good relationship with your deal or service company as youíll be benefiting each other over the years.

4. Look under the bonnet and check to see if fluid levels are low and the condition of the hoses and the belts once a week.
5. Get in the habit of giving your car a weekly wash, if you have children this is a great incentive for them to earn a bit of extra money. Always check the car over after to spot any scratches or bumps you may not have noticed before because of surface dirt.

6. You can protect against rust by applying a coat of wax once or twice a year.

7. If your car gives you warning signals such as an unusual noise donít ignore it, have it checked before the damage becomes permanent.

8. Choose a petrol station which has a lot of customers to avoid using petrol which has been stored for a long period of time.

9. Always have breakdown cover on your car just in case you get into trouble on the road.

10. Deal with any problems with the windshield immediately. Small nicks and cracks can quickly progress into large problems.

Find tyres in Stourbridge at incredibly low prices. Expect only the best service and products and look after your large investment wisely.

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